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The FCC’s Involvement The Federal Communications Commission is an agency similar to the FTC, except the FCC helps regulate communications over radio, TV, internet, cable, etc.

To fall in compliance with the FCC, it’s best to communicate the ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ clause when advertising your giveaway, no matter if that’s on your website or a radio ad.

Rafflecopter specifically helps administer sweepstakes promotions, which is defined as ‘a promotional drawing in which prizes are given away at no charge to the participants’.

Winners will be selected at random — it’s the luck of the draw if you’re chosen.

Can we ask people to provide a receipt of purchase for a product a specific giveaway is promoting as an option for them to gain entry? You’ve probably read the verbiage ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ before, which means entrants cannot be required to make a purchase or plunk down money in some form or fashion to enter to win a contest or sweepstakes.

Below, we’ll discuss the definition and meaning behind this language, help describe what’s allowed, and when you might be crossing the line.

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