Victorian england dating etiquette

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New technologies were being developed every single day, and when they first came out, the older generations often didn't have a clue how to deal with them. Rules like "Never introduce disgusting or unpleasant topics for conversation [when eating]" and "Never pick the teeth or clean the nails in company" outline the basics of how our society expects people to act.But Victorian etiquette guides went far beyond this.

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Some men can and do accomplish such work, and even make biscuits, griddle-cakes, and the like." — From "A Man In The Kitchen," 1889.I think a lot of women today have the same problem, and would benefit from the same reminders.Above all, we must remember to give the highest priority in our lives to those we love the most.They even gave dating advice on things as complicated and seemingly modern as how to answer a missed connection. " The manual warned people who realized they were reading descriptions of themselves that they shouldn't give out their name and street address right away.An 1891 guide gives an example that could have practically come straight from Craigslist: "Will the lady who rode up Broadway last Thursday afternoon, about two o'clock, in an omnibus, getting out at Stewart's, accompanied by a little girl in a blue suit, please send her address to D. Instead, the book said they should make contact through general delivery at a post office — more or less the Victorian equivalent of a Gmail account.

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