Updating xo laptop

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As you you will see in the section discussing the installation of XFCE, it is simple to switch between the two.

Any Linux installation of JMRI seems to be a matter of shooting at a moving target.

This document outlines the steps taken to install the JMRI suite on an OLPC XO.

To install applications such as JMRI which have multiple windows open requires that an alternative GUI be used. It is a lightweight windowing system, that has already been successfully installed on the XO.Ensure any important files on the usb are moved to somewhere else. Once the download is completed and your usb is formatted to FAT32, open the downloaded file and click Extract All. Plug the USB drive into your XO and turn on the laptop. After a few verifications, the on screen instructions will warn you that all saved files will be erased. Right click on the usb and select the format option. When it asks you where you want to extract the files, browse and select your usb drive. One minor change that I'd suggest is that while following the instructions to make XFCE the default environment, to do this instead: and a reboot to switch back to Sugar.To install Java, instructions exist in the OLPC Wiki, here. If you've installed XFCE and Firefox at this time, and have internet connectivity from inside XFCE, you can download the '.bin' file directly to your XO, rather than following the instructions requiring download to another machine and transferring the '.bin' file to the XO. When I first tried to install JMRI I thought I'd have to compile rxtx, so I installed the JDK.

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