Updating restore ramdisk fail pwnagetool

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- Other Devices Restart computer; change computer; reinstall system, if the device is always in restoring mode: XP users can jump from restoring mode with ibus; MAC users can use i Ndependence.

Removed BBFW file in the firmware folder of an unzipped IPSW. The device is bootable, if you set the auto-boot to true or use Tiny Umbrella and use "Kick Device out of Recovery".Just set auto-boot true in i Recovery or use i REB/Tiny Umbrella/Rec Boot.1 In case this is not working use Pwnage Tool to create a custom firmware WITHOUT the i Pad baseband, put your device in pwned DFU Mode and restore via i Tunes.Errors 13xx Error 1394 When Spirit2Pwn flashes parts of the boot chain on i OS 4, the device may crash into DFU Mode. Errors 14xx Error 1413 Restart computer; change USB port; reinstall system. Error 1415 Restart computer; change USB port; reinstall system.Custom firmware restore fail (Pwnage Tool since 4.1).You have to put your device into the DFU mode and not into recovery mode.

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