Updatepanel hidden field not updating dating bundaberg

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Values of all the form elements are submitted to the server including the hidden input elements. Of course, user can see this by clicking view source in their browser.You can access the value by accessing the Value property of hidden element like below.But the id of generated html input element does not need to have the same id that you give in aspx page, especially when you are using master pages. Net server control to get the id – which would give correct id of the generated html. We are setting the value ‘1234’ to ‘value’ attribute.

For example, in my case I wanted to pull latitude longitude information from a SQL Server database and then use them to insert pushpins on google map. So I have decided to write a user control which can take care of javascript part and allows me to concentrate on serverside functions.j Query or any client side component(including javascript, HTML, CSS) does not have any knowledge of your server side ASP. Look at the below picture how these components live at different ends.So, to set the value of asp: Hidden Field using j Query, you need to know the generated html element of asp: Hidden Field.I have a news and announcement web part that I would liek to refresh every 5 or 10 minutes so users get the latest information.I have a bunch of asp controls within an update panel's contenttemplate.

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