The gay president is dating the sadistic princess

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When it comes to television, “gay” and “anti-hero” must to go well together because this list is filled with wily schemers, heartless cads, domestic abusers, street thugs, high school bullies and yes, even a couple stone cold killers.

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Of course, Archer fries the CPU controlling Ray’s legs with a defibrillator in the season finale, so as it stands now (or doesn’t), Ray is back in a wheelchair.Actor: Robert James Collier 2010-present Previous Rank: N/A He’s Thomas the footman.And no, he’s not proudly letting his freak flag fly with that title. He’s risen in the ranks to underbutler at Downton, a position he fought hard and deviously for. Poor guy was dumped by his titled boyfriend in season 1. (Resourceful Thomas had to sacrifice part of his hand in order to survive and get shipped home.) In season 3 he fell in love with another butler, a handsome cad who rejected him violently, promptly outed him to everyone at Downton and then called the police on him. It’s true that much of the trouble Thomas faces he brings on himself. But audiences still have a soft spot for him, probably because he helps us imagine how awful it would have been to be homosexual basically time post classical Greece and pre-Stonewall.There’s that brotherly relationship with Claudia, and he’s often the “straight man” foil to sexy goofball Pete Lattimer (Eddie Mc Clintock).In season 4 we learned a little more about Jinks’ past when his former boyfriend Liam (Charlie Webber) shows up for an episode.

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