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The Fan family adopted a discipline that no one in the family was allowed to claim any of the books as personal property, and books were prohibited from being taken out of the pavilion.

The collection today is the most extensive accumulation of information on the education, economic development, literary and revolutionary history of Ningbo.

Taking a walk on the rooftop of the three-story museum is a relaxing experience before or after viewing the exhibits inside its walls.

This magical name has protected the library and its books from fire for more than 400 years.One third of the books are already digitalized so book lovers can flip through the yellowed pages on the museum’s website without touching the actual volume. Drum Tower The most striking feature of any drum tower in China, apart from style and size, is the bell tower at top, where timekeepers once wakened whole cities with punctual, strong gongs. The three-story structure atop the city gate also served as a wartime lookout post.The bell tower forms part of the ancient city wall that once ringed Ningbo.The Old Bund is now a bustling area of pubs and other entertainment.It is located at the convergence of three waterways in Ningbo, which once served as a major port area for the city.

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