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But the former president and current member of the Association of Dating Agencies and Matchmakers adds that with online dating, whether through websites or mobile phone apps, precautions should be taken."Meet in a public place on your first date, inform your friends or family of your activities and keep them aware, and try to keep an open mind if it doesn't work out.

You can still be a friend, so keep a positive mindset," she advises.

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Using such an app provides a convenient way for them to get to know others in confidence."Mr Zuraimie adds that there is no official body to help matchmake Muslim singles, although some mosques provide a safe environment to help singles find potential life partners.

That being said, things aren't much better for other women of colour either: black women have to contend with being denied entry to clubs, and if this shocking tale of a mixed race girl’s Tinder match telling her to bleach her skin is anything to go by, racism is alive and well online.

I certainly didn’t have high expectations but here’s what I found when I made my first foray as a young British female muslim and woman of colour into the world of online dating.

Until recently I had had no need for them, it was only when I started writing this that I finally got round to downloading Tinder, Bumble and Happn.

I wasn’t sure what to expect: it was almost like I was in the throes of the break-up all over again wondering 'will anyone fancy me?

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